At Jamie Program we use an approach for the long-term acquisition of English and other foreign languages.  We offer both full immersion and partial immersion classes for children, adults, and those with special needs.  Games using greetings, numbers, and counting from 5 to 22 different countries will be integrated into each lesson for students’ quick comprehension.

In Education Studies, especially in reeducation, it is necessary to observe when a child does not understand.  Many times we encounter students who have only memorized information, never fully understanding what that information means.  We have spent time exploring this, asking the question, “Why?” and have determined that this typically occurs when an important stage in the learning process has been quickly skipped over.  Our main goal is to help students grow and improve in the target language, at their own pace.  We believe the best method for doing that is to create a friendly and welcoming environment where we can observe each child individually, and little by little, determine their specific abilities.

Nowadays it is often said that children hate to review.  Many children go to school, and then to cram school, they study, and participate in extracurricular activities, and then they have chores at home.  With such a busy schedule, they often get tired of the nitty-gritties of school and become impatient and bored.  It is not just children; adults also often have the bored feeling of “I know” or “I already understand this” when forced to learn something new.  There are many things students may already know when studying foreign languages, but when done properly, learning can be interesting and reassuring.  Yes it is sometimes a review, but it can still be fun!

At Jamie International we have trained in various techniques of brain stimulation, which helps to determine how each student processes information.  In this way, students will taste the joy of success when going step by step beyond their previous level, and avoid falling into the feelings of, “I don’t understand,” or “this is boring,” often seen in other group learning atmospheres.

Our methods will help to further develop an in-depth understanding of the abstract concepts in foreign languages.  Students will learn the tools necessary to more fully comprehend aspects of the foreign language that they were previously unable to understand.

We strongly believe that it would be much more beneficial for both children and education studies; if schools, classes, and families all joined together in a combined effort to help our children improve their foreign language skills.  Under the watchful eye of many, let’s nurture and watch our children grow!

ジェイミープログラムは、多言語で教育・療育を行うための長期計画であり、単なる外国語の語学学習ではありません。クラスはイマージョン教育で、英語やその他の外国語を使用するため、もちろん外国語の習得にもつながります。( 例えば、あいさつや数の数え方・遊び等は5カ国から22カ国の言語を使います。)







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